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My Walking Dead Season Finale Prediction

Don’t worry I don’t actually know what’s gonna happen… BUT

BUTTTTT- In a perfect world - this would be my ending.

Note - there is some slight spoilers, but if you’ve seen up to season 3 you’re good. I won’t name names. (for the most part)

No matter what happens in the finale I am going to pretend this is what happened if ANY SHIT GOES DOWN WHATSOEVER… so here;

The gang all meet at terminus after having overcome all obstacles in their path.

They meet each other and realize how lucky they are to have come this far.

They settle into life at terminus and start to become accepted into the community.

It’s a totally safe environment and there is zero risk of ever encountering a zombie ever again somehow. (i dunno it’s magic)

For the last half of the episode it just a completely calm look at each characters lives and their new life at terminus. Flashbacks to past events etc.

The gang realize something is amiss. Terminus is a nice place but they haven’t met the leader. If there is one. Surely there must be?

They ask around Terminus about the leader. Everyone tells them the same thing. He will make himself known at the right time.

They all hear wonderful things about the leader of Terminus. How he has saved countless lives and restored hope to those around him. How he never gives up on anyone and treats everyone like they’re the only thing that matters. He values each human life and has slowly taught people how to be human again.

A few weeks pass. Suddenly a note is given to the gang. They are to meet the leader of Terminus tonight.

Some of the gang are happy. Some confused. Some angry, but they are ready.

They anxiously enter the address on the note, it is a well lit tidy building.

They walk down a long corridor and come to a large wooden door.

They cautiously enter.

They see a chair, a man sits with his back turned to them.

For the longest time they wait.

Then the man in the chair speaks;

'…This is God's plan. He'll take care of me. Always has. He's gonna help me lead you out of these tunnels.'

The chair turns around

It’s fucking T-Dog.

The gang hug T-Dog in a loving embrace. They are complete again, the hole hanging heavy in their hearts have been filled. They cry tears of joy and the screen fades to black.

The credits roll, and we realize this wasn’t just the season finale, this was the end. The real end.

Fall Out Boy / Olympia Theatre



Fall Out Boy were in town last week, and I was one of the lucky few who snapped up tickets back in October, in the ten minutes they were actually on sale. There‚Äôs no way I could possibly write an unbiased review of this gig. Full disclosure: if the show had been one hour of Pete…

I was one of said friends! Awesome review man :D


My 3 year old nephew just beat me at bowling. THE THIS IS FOR REAL VIDEO IS A LIE!!! (at PINZ)


My 3 year old nephew just beat me at bowling. THE THIS IS FOR REAL VIDEO IS A LIE!!! (at PINZ)